Four Seasons Maui

Hawaii: The tropical U.S. island state is truly one of a kind. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands are a dream destination for many, with a unique culture compared to the North American mainland. The state is known and loved for its abundance of tropical nature, peaceful island life and remarkable history. Surrounded by pristine beaches, incredible mountains and lush rainforests, you’ll feel like you’re on a different continent. If you’re dreaming of a faraway beachfront island wedding, Hawaii is the perfect place for you.

For all beach bums, surfers and hikers, it will pay off to spend some extra time exploring the islands before or after your wedding. Depending on where you’re coming from (even in the U.S.), it can be quite a long flight. So if you want to exchange beachfront vows in Hawaii, then you, your family and friends might consider making it an unforgettable vacation and wedding in one. Jordan and Soo Jin spent two full weeks there with their families, and got married towards the end.

Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island, and home of the world’s largest dormant volcano, Mount Haleakala. The Four Seasons Resort Maui is a prime spot for weddings, promising a romantic setting for one of the most important moments of your life. The five-star resort is not only the tropical getaway of your dreams, but will also assist you in planning and executing your perfect day. Get married right on the beach overlooking the ocean, under palm trees or even under stars. It will be an unforgettable moment for everyone involved.