Petoskey, MI

Michigan is known for its beautiful, rich nature, crystal clear lakes, lush greenery and the longest freshwater coastline in the United States. The state has a number of picturesque towns and makes for a perfectly idyllic wedding destination on the water, no matter if you’re a local or visiting from out of state.

The Bay Harbor Yacht Club in Petoskey, known as the “Premier Club on the Great Lakes”, embodies a truly luxurious maritime lifestyle. With its quaint stone façade, landmark waterfall, pillared arches and marina overlooking the grand Lake Michigan, the club is a beloved venue for weddings of all sorts, both intimate and large. The Bay Harbor Yacht Club delivers a personalized planning experience with customized culinary menu selections, a beautiful ceremony setup, and more. The club is also located near a selection of hotels in the pretty Bay Harbor area of Michigan, making it easy to accommodate guests without the need to venture far out. But the Bay Harbor Yacht Club is not only a stunning venue with spacious indoor and outdoor areas, you can also take advantage of — you guessed it — the yachts. For an extra special touch, gather your guests on the shoreline and make a grand lake entrance with your groom or bride to be. Or, if you want to spend some romantic, quiet moments alone after the festivities, end the night by sailing away into the sunset together.

Let Bianca and Aaron’s dreamy nuptials inspire you to plan your own magical Great Lakes wedding.

Bianca and Aaron had a destination wedding at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club in Petoskey, MI.  Their life together starts here… enjoy the love.

How did the proposal take place?
Lake Tahoe, CA. Aaron flew his sister out from Michigan for 6 hours to set up a surprise picnic
and take photographs. Aaron told Bianca they were going to a nice dinner, and making a pit-
stop at one of the beaches to take a picture since they’d been in hiking clothes all weekend.
Bianca was surprised by a gorgeous picnic setup… and Aaron getting down on one knee.

What was your fondest wedding moment?
Our dance floor! Our wedding was mixed cultures and the union of the two cultures and
families was absolutely beautiful – seeing Bianca’s side arm in arm with Aaron’s side dancing to
the Albanian music!
Also hearing and pronouncing our self-written vows was very special and meaningful.

Interesting facts about you and your spouse that you would like to share?
Where do you reside and what are your occupations?
Aaron is from a large Albanian family with 3 sisters, and Bianca is ½ Italian and ½ Russian with 3
Aaron is a professional hockey player; drafted by St. Louis Blues in the 2nd round in the 2007
draft. He has played over 450 professional games in the NHL, KHL, and AHL, and was a bronze
metal winner in the 2013 World Championships for team USA.
Bianca studied neuroscience at the University if Michigan, spent 4 years working at Stanford
School of Medicine and personal genetics company, 23andMe, and is currently a medical
student at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The
couple resides in Washington, DC.